Café Vian

The story about Café Vian: 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc square 9 and the square…partners near Basilika: CAFÉ VIAN BISTRO BASILICA 1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás street 15. and Café Vian Gozsdu Udvar1075 Budapest – Király utca 13. – C udvar (a Gozsdu Udvarban)
Time flies. Only 10-15 years ago did a petrol station, a car parts shop, two-way traffic and other everyday things of grey distinguish the square.
Today, the square is packed with vibrant people and is full of life. LFT is, by rights, its own entity and draws characters from far and wide to relax and enjoy any of its several up-market cafes. Colour, class, coffee, cakes, young, old, guys, girls, interested citizens of the world. All gather under 100 year-old leafy trees, passing the day away. The clock unexpectedly striking midnight sees those keen file inside, taking their evening to the next level.
In 1995, the square was inhabited by but a few establishments. Then, you would not have found a Vian cappuccino at LFT 9; you would have found clean socks, shirts and trousers at Margareta’s Launderette. All that remained of Magareta’s was a phone call two years ago when a former client asked about a pocket watch forgotten in their suit jacket in1995.

Café Vian began as a modest coffee drinking environment for intellectuals; it now operates as a Café-Restaurant offering a serious menu. The years have been kind as Vian sees its list of regulars consistently growing and tourists returning for that tall glass of elegantly displayed café au lait.
What is the secret? Well, it’s hard to express. We suggest you come down, sit around, chat, enjoy delicious food & coffee, friendly service and watch people watching other people.

We are here to make your visit a pleasant one!

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