Food and Entertainment near our apartments

Both of our apartments are located in the Jewish quarter which is known to be the center of budget food and entertainment in Budapest. Jewish quarter offers you a wide range of choices including the famous ruin bars and 2-euro-soups in top rated Hungarian food cafes all of which is within few minutes of walk from our apartments. Here are some of the best options:  

1.      Szimpla Kert

One of the top tourist attractions around us is the Ruin Bar – Szimpla Kert. Budapest is famous for its ruin pubs (or ruin bars). Courtyards of buildings and stores which were once abandoned have been turned into eclectic bars, typically with many rooms and interesting decor. Each room has a different interiors and some ruin bars have different music such as house, techno, or classical jazz. 

The drinks are reasonably priced – approximately 600 forints (2 euros) for a glass of beer.

Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075


2.      Gozsdu Udvar

Goszdu udvar is located between the streets Kiraly and Dob. The has a choice of many restaurants, coffee shops, bars and some retro goods. Unlike ruin bars, Gozsdu is a nicer area with character.

Address: Budapest, Gozsdu udvar, 1075



3.      Drum Café

Drum café which is located on Dob street’s intersection with Karoly krt is a favourite tourist destination with an exceptional reviews on tripadvisor. The café offers varieties of Hungarian and other dishes for a very reasonable price.

Address: Budapest, Dob u. 2, 1072



4.      Try Langos on Kiraly street

You can try the Hungarian street food next to the Gozsdu udvar on the Kiraly street. Lángos is a Hungarian food specialty, a deep fried dough

Address: Budapest, Király u. 13, 1075



5.      Instant Club on Akacfa Street

Located next to the Happy Holiday lux apartments, instant is Budapest’s most unique ruin pub, a legend, that is as famous as the Parliament, the Hero’s Square and the Fismerman’s Bastion altogether. It is not to be missed. The place moved to the clouds as it outgrew its previous home at Nagymező street.

Address: Budapest, Akácfa u. 49-51, 1072



6.      Karavan Street food market

Karavan, which is located next to Szimpla kert offers an interesting variety of traditional and non-traditional food from variety of popular restaurants and cafes in Budapest. Our personal favorites include sweet potato French fries and rice burgers.

AddressBudapest, Kazinczy u. 18, 1075



7.      Akvarium Budapest

Akvárium Klub, is located on Deak Ferenc ter is a famous meeting spot/bar/restaurant/square and culture point. Thousands of youngsters gather here night after night to chill out in the park or on the steps of the club. Akvárium Klub is more than a simple bar: it is a culture center with a wide musical repertoire from mainstream to underground.

Address: Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12, 1051