The Bear Farm

Not too far from Budapest, in the cozy town Veresegyhaz (Veresegyház), which is a 15-minute drive from the city, is a bear farm. Its area is 5.5 hectares and the area was organized as a nursery. It is called MedveOtthon or Bear Farm

Bears who live on this farm came from different places and were on a farm for a variety of reasons: some of them when they were circus performers and some previously been movie stars and make your Vlad the cinema, there are also those who have suffered from ill-treatment of people.

They come here as adults and children in order to feed the bear honey. You can feed the bears and they love it.

Living conditions of the bears are made to be as close as possible to the natural environment. Perhaps this is why some bears who last lived close to people starting to run wild. Sometimes at the net you can watch real bear fights.

Also on the territory inhabited by wolves, deer and raccoons.

Tickets cost 1000HUF per person.



Medvék és farkasok otthona, 2112, Veresegyház, Patak u. 39