Unique and themed cafes in Budapest

In this post, we introduce you some unique theme cafes in Budapest to visit.


Cat Café in Budapest

The cat café is a small place but it attracts visitors. Currently, the cafe is home to around 10 different breed cats who are well maintained and friendly. In the menu you can find dishes "Award cats" - if you want to treat one of the pets .You can play with any animal in this place. It is the perfect weekend spot for families with kids or just cat lovers!

Address: Budapest, Révay u. 3, | Budapest District 6 10 65 Hungary


Zoo Café in Budapest

The Zoo café which is located in the center of Budapest near Kalvin ter, hosts a surprising variety of exotic animals. You can find snakes, parrots, Chinese water dragon, Pogona reptiles and many more!

After ordering the animals will be brought to you one by one. You will also be instructed on how to care for them and pet them as well.

It is a great chance to meet and touch animals while enjoying a nice drink.

Address: Budapest, Fejér György u. 3, 1053



You can find an interesting combination of laundry and coffee on Lónyai Street. If you need to do a laundry, you need to wait. This is why there is a coffee! The laundry and drying process takes around an hour during which you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. The laundry-café is open 24/7 all year around.   

Address: Budapest, Lónyay u. 20, 1093