Café Vian

Come uno dei tanti caffè situato sulla piazza Liszt Ferenc, i francesi in stile Café Vian è altrettanto ideale per il caffè, colazione, pranzo, cena o un cocktail laid-back. Inoltre offrono un menù prefisso pranzo economico, che considerando la sua posizione privilegiata è un bonus.

Vian è anche parte della scena artistica visualizzando dipinti di giovani artisti di talento.

La seconda posizione Café Vian è nel Gozsdu Cortile, tra la Király utca e Dob Utca, nel District 7.

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Sir Lancelot

And your cook be out, the solution is simple; Thy task then is only to travel, And the magic of Sir Lancelot's empire unravel. Ornaments on the walls, On tables candles glow, The mood of times bygone Are remembered so. And in order to keep your mouth full, we'll serve you a roast dove, not just a mouthful. When the bell tolls midday, the cook sets your feast on the furnace.

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Szegedi fish restaurant

The first, original fish restaurant, Szeged Fish Restaurant opened in 2010. Its location is in the 5th district of Budapest, Belgrade quay, in the neighborhood of the International Boat Station. 



Spíler is a favorite of downtown locals, and with good reason – quality street food is offered here in a laid-back scene with a cool bar serving Hungary’s best microbrews and wines.  Excellent DJ music on weekends to speed up your night.

“Spíler is one of those places that reminds people what fantastic things are happening in the former Eastern Bloc countries of Europe, and reinvigorates even the most dormant travel bug. Downtown Budapest is where the action is at in this case – a microbrewery bistropub with so much going for it, that it might justify a budget airline flight on its own merits alone.” (We Heart magazine)

Located in the Gozsdu district, Spíler is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, party or just for a chat - every day between 9am and 2am.

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Rákóczi Grillhouse

The Origin of our Name Rákóczi Grillhouse and some information about us
The cremated remains of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II. –who was upholder of the Hungarian and Transylvanian freedom - was carried on this street St.Stephen’s Basilica to the East Railway station, and then to Kosice in 1906. The name giving of our restaurant is the honor for his commitment, calling for Hungary, his life is an icon for us.
Our professional calling is to make excellent meals for our guests, and our commitment are the fresh ingredients, meals and decent service.

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Trófea Grill

All you can eat and drink for a fixed price!

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